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What is the right edge for your counters???

First, you will be deciding on the your preference for countertop materials depending on matching or contrasting looks on colors and textures. In the color side, you need to take on account the whole area: cabinets' color, flooring, walls, etc.,on the other hand, choosing the texture or finish for your counters could be a little tricky because it will add to the general area style.

Besides the color and finish, there is another important aspect for your counters that will add or reduce desired effects, and they are veins or/and pattern. Natural stone, generally, is rich in veins and inconsistencies while man made have more uniformity in their designs.

While the color and patterns of your new countertops will have an impact on the appearance of the area, it is another overlooked detail that gives a final look assuring the desired style of your room,and it is the edge profile. Edge profile is, sometimes, an overlooked aspect on your counters, but it affects the efficiency, safety and style of your new kitchen or bathroom to a greater extent.

There are a variety of edge profiles available from the most of the granite fabricators, and the major categorization are standard or upgraded edges. Standard edges are generally included in per sf prices while upgrades add per lf rates that could vary depending on the profile complexity.

Straight edge:

Commonly called ease or square, straight edges are most appropriate for modern designs including slab or shaker style cabinet doors, and they look great on both thin and thick granite slabs. If you have granite pattern including variety of colors and or veins, or you want to highlight a back splash, a mosaic tile accent strip, an elegant appliance or furniture piece, etc., this edge will blend with all aspects of the room without detracting from the details.

Despite of their name, sharpness is not a component of this edge – the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage and prevent injuries, and it is important to determine your preference on the straight grade and corners sharpness when you place your order for counter fabrication.

Beveled Edge:

With its angled look, the beveled edge is one of the most popular granite countertop profiles, especially in elegant, contemporary designs. It has a flat corner clipped to a 45 degree angle. You could request customization on the width of that bevel depending on your desired look.

Beveled edge make the profile safest from breaking since its eliminate the sharpness of the counter top edge.

From Pencil Roll to Half Bull nose:

Half bull nose profile

For counters in modern kitchen or baths styles the rounded edges will add some movement and slightness to the lines. Choosing from an small rounded edge known as “pencil” roll to the most widely preferred granite counter top edge " half bull nose", the rounded edges have been widely used because they add sophistication and safety to the counters keeping the simplicity of the styles. In all standard rounded edges, the top edge of the granite has a radius that will vary depending on your preference from about the diameter of a pencil, or smaller to a 3/4", and it will complement the sleek look of your room and will help create the desired impression of elegance and simplicity. Its straight bottom guarantees that liquids poured on your top don't flow directly to your cabinets as it does in the out fashioned FULL Bull nose.

Upgraded Edges:

Upgraded edges are usually characterized by complexity of their lines, and are more recommended to be used in classic style cabinets with raise panels and intricate ornaments. Among these edges are:

- O-gee:

This is probably the most popular of the upgraded edges, and try to follow the ornate elegance of the European Renaissance. This edge is found in big kitchens where its lines add up to the general classic created ambient.

- Waterfall edge and counter:

Waterfall profile (O-Gee on top of Half Bull nose)

More complex designs

You should make a distinction between these 2. The Waterfall profile is a sophisticated edge, generally, made out of the combination of 2 or more different profiles, and then laminated (attached one below to the other to conform a thickest edge). This edge is barely used now in residential homes because the fashion trend is now going to the more simple styles.

The Waterfall counter is, on the other hand, very trendy now since it add cleanliness, elegance, and sophistication without losing the general design straightness

Counter Waterfall (counter go straight to the floor)

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