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Contractor tips: 3 ways to stand out from the crowd

Home owners are frequently scammed by individuals doing business on the side to get extra pocket money. Though not all small contractors are inexperienced, there are a large group that goes into that category.
What to "look for" when you are hiring someone to do a job at your home?
- Look the structure of the business: Being an small business doesn't disqualify people for doing an excellent job, but, generally, when business owners are committed to their customers, they have a solid business structure as Corporation or LLC.

- Look for their presentation: Do they have formal presentation cards with all the business information disclosed? do they give you formal estimates including all job that is quoted and any exclusions? Do they have a physical business space separate from their home addresses?

- Look for their knowledge: Ask questions, request options, etc in the way you can test their knowledge and seriousness.
- Look at their accepted ways for payments: Cash payment is and OK way to pay for small jobs, but if the business only runs in cash, it may be an indication that something is not right.

Also, verify how much you are giving up upfront, and review your Invoice thoroughly.

In general, be aware of the details, and don't think cheap means GOOD, on the contrary, remember always the saying "buy cheap, buy it twice"
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